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Rabu, 28 November 2007


What Is iPhone?

iPhone is about a new age of communications, with voice applications at the core. An age that is about more than just dialing a phone number and waiting to see if someone on the other end answers. Devices in this new age are expected to deliver more than just a connection to friends, loved ones, and colleagues. They now must deliver on the promise of particular types of content tailored to your specific needs.
The variety of features available on Linksys iPhones will change the way you communicate with friends and family. iPhone products offer compelling internet services using popular clients like Skype and Yahoo! Messenger with Voice that display real-time contact list and presence information letting you know if the party you want to call is available. Enjoy access to personal content like music, photos, and live video cameras from sources on the Internet. In short, Linksys iPhones give you the ability to do more with your phone than talk!

Benefits of iPhone

Linksys iPhones are loaded with features. To find the right iPhone for you check out our iPhone comparison chart.
Freedom and Convenience: Connected to your home network and a telephone landline, you can use a cordless handset to easily make calls to other Skype or Yahoo! users, mobile phones or land lines. Wi-Fi capable handsets allow you to place calls from anywhere there’s a wireless access point.

Enhanced Communications: Make free or inexpensive voice calls, access real-time contact lists and know in advance if the party you want is available.

Information Services: No longer be tied to a printed phone book or a computer to find a phone number. Search for local business information directly from the phone and effortlessly place a call with one click. Get access to local weather information too.

Multimedia Content: Access music, photos, and streaming video directly from the Internet. Monitor your home or business.

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