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Minggu, 12 Oktober 2008


Have you ever heard about Magic Touch Workstation?
yeah it's a kind of repair service that can make your car become in a good condition again. this service do a knock work,to repair your car's body and remove any scratch.
it works very fast,for almost only half an hour our car will be already repaired.
it just like a magic,because the body will looks like new. so if your car got an accident,and you don't have time too long bring your car to this workstation. they will handle it professionally.

4 komentar:

SutradaraPendekMendunia mengatakan...

iqnaul....bantuin gue ama anak2 invite bikin film angkatan ya....makasih
mampir ke blog gue dong...hihi

Priska mengatakan...

bilang aja ketok magic atau magic knock. hoho.
kalo magic touch kesannya 'sentuhan ajaib'

XandY mengatakan...

ketok magic maksud lo???

Rezita Dwi Annisa mengatakan...

sok magic touch lu ah haha bilang saja KETOK MAGIC buakaka